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This section is being developed.  This page is dedicated to describing services and their benefits . 

Focus on Resolution of Pain and restrictions

There are many common ailments, pain patterns, and common names for muscular and orthopedic conditions that may be greatly helped and resolved by Integrated Therapeutic Massage- offered in the most comfortable manner, in our peaceful quiet setting.

Receiving massage therapy with the benefit of assessment, with an Evaluation and Treatment plan, has helped clients avoid surgery, drugs and other treatments.


While we do not diagnose allopathic medical disease, some of these conditions  include:


Migraines and headaches, Plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome/leg spasms; joint pain and restrictions, Costochondritis, "frozen" shoulder, rotator cuff issues, carpal tunnel, constipation, fibromyalgia, Neck, Back and Shoulder Issues, hammertoes, Mortons Neuroma and other structural foot issues,Discomforts and restrictions during the trimesters of Pregnancy,   and more.  

Licensed Massage Therapists at our Center are trained to refer out to other professionals if a specific condition is not in our area of training and experience, should the need for medical care, physical therapy, and adjunct health therapeutics arise.


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