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his is an Integrated Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice with a focus on  professional Pain  Relief of Orthopedic Issue,  Sleep Quality Management, and a full spectrum of prenatal and postnatal massage services and care.
Our services are provided by vetted,  Licensed Massage Therapists at a flat rate of $75.00- 
 (for hour appointments) with no tips expected. 

  FOR RELAXATION, MAINTENANCE,  AND EXPLORATION- We work in concert with a State Licensed School -The Ann Arbor School of Massage, Herbal & Natural Medicine-  with a clinic providing Relaxation Massage and Various Massage Methods provided by Student Interns.  Current Rate isw $50.00 , hour session. 

Thus our clients have two choices- Be seen by the LMT for more advanced work, or choose to be seen in our established and peaceful Intern Clinic.  All services are at 3684 W. LIBERTY ROAD, ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN 48103 


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